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  • 90 DAY SHRED

    Welcome to the very first LMTLSS Shred Challenge


    Here's the deal:

    • You have until May 1 to purchase the Shred Program e-book. The sooner you purchase the quicker you can get started on your transformation
    •   This will guide you A-Z on how to get started and launch yourself on the right path
    •   Next you'll be added into our LMTLSS Shred Community on WhatsApp
    •   From there you will submit your starting point photos privately to me (these need to be in my May 1)


    This is bigger than a physical change, this is about lifestyle transformation. With the right system, support, and community there are no limits to what you can achieve!


    I look forward to seeing the lives that will be changed through this challenge. Let's get to work!

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