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If there were no limitations to what you could accomplish, what would you aim at!? We need CLEAR GOALS… Where are you going, be specific! It helps if this goal isn’t just practical but also meaningful to YOU. From there you can start to visualize your future. How does my life look in 5 years if I do accomplish this goal? Then the contrast, how does my life look in 5 years if I keep on my current trajectory? Seeing the contrast between these two potential futures is valuable as it will inform your decision making in the present. 



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To have a goal without a plan is foolish. We need a SIMPLE system. Most people have stressful lives, responsibilities, jobs, kids, businesses, did I miss anything? Because of that, the average person does not benefit from more complexities. They want to spend their time efficiently and only focus on the high priority tasks that yield a result. This is what we focus on at LMTLSS, THE RESULTS.


The idea of self-made success just wishful thinking & pride. Every successful person you admire has a team of people who help them. We NEED accountability; we can’t do it alone. We all know what we should do but often we don’t do it! The achievement of your goal is at 10% just by having one. This goes to 50% if you have a plan. This goes to 65% if you share this with someone outside of yourself & all the way up to 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with someone. The difference between the those who experience success and those who don't: successful people INVEST INTO THEMSELVES AN THEIR GOALS. 

We believe that fitness is a tool that brings people together through the common thread of progression. We vow to honor the fitness experience that we provide by the way we coach, motivate, and connect. Connection is our primary goal. WHY? Because we value people and want to see them reach their full potential. If we can teach you to push your body in the gym to places it has never been before, you can then take this and apply it in all other areas in life.

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“I was the type of person who tried every diet in the book after gaining a bunch of weight post-college. Keto, variations of fasting, paleo, etc. I had also been to multiple trainers where they would be incredibly attentive early on (when they were trying to gain your business) and then get complacent as the months went on where eventually it just felt like they were going through the motions with me every day. 

LMTLSS and Jacob were a godsend! Jacob’s program makes me feel like I’m getting the attention that a pro-athlete gets from nutritionists/trainers. It became so clear in his data driven approach what I needed to do to lose to weight. Now I’m 55 pounds down and it has completely changed my life. This is not just a fitness transformation for me. Jacob and LMTLSS changed my life.”



LMTLSS Personal Training is life changing! If your a short term individual, this is not the program for you! Jacob will push you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. He will help you reach any goal that you desire for your fitness. Most of all he has a big heart and isn’t in this business for the money; he is in this business to create a better version of each and every one of us and to create long lasting relationships in a environment where anyone can grow. 10/10 - never had a trainer get me this far before, i’ve already dropped 50 pounds and this is just the beginning... are you ready to change to your life!?



"Jacob is a phenomenal trainer and coach! I’ve worked with a couple in the past, however, none compare to him. The amount of work and passion he puts into his clients sets him far apart from others!!! He does way more than what you pay for!!! He consistently checks in and offers hands on help without hesitation at any time of the time. I can message him before going out to eat to get help on how to game plan and he is happy to do it. I’ve been doing the online nutritional program with him since March and it’s completely been life changing!!! The mindset change I’ve experienced from this program has been amazing. I 10/10 recommend Jacob as a coach! If you want results and a sustainable approach to fitness, he’s your guy!!!"

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