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My name is Jacob Beneventi and I am the founder of LMTLSS. I was blessed to be raised in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, San Diego. I grew up playing sports, going to the beach, and seeking adrenaline. Physicality and movement have always been my primary form of self-expression. Through training for athletic performance I found an outlet - my own form of therapy. Fitness taught me about myself and taught me about my mind. It introduced the idea that through challenge we grow stronger. Now San Diego is amazing, there is only one problem - it is too easy to get comfortable. I decided to go away to Arizona when I was 18 to study Exercise Science at Grand Canyon University. Here is where the idea of LMTLSS was born. Becoming a trainer my sophomore year I wanted an idea to attach myself to that would be BIGGER than me. An idea that would inspire others to become the strongest versions of themselves... limitless. LMTLSS, in its most simple form, is about detesting mediocrity - it is about not settling in life. My core belief is that we are all here to seek the strongest versions of ourselves and to give that person to the world. Life isn't about what we acquire, it is about what we give. And because what fitness has given me, I take honor in giving that gift back to those who I have the pleasure of working with. I look forward to having you apart of this growing community.

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