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Founded in 2015, LMTLSS offers specialized training to all walks of life. From doctors and executives to stay at home moms and college students, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet people where they are and provide exceptional service.

We would love to hear more about your story and how we can be apart of your transformation!


"Jacob is a wonderful trainer & has really helped me along my weight loss journey. With coaching, he helped me lose 53 lbs! He is encouraging, helpful when I mess up, gives me guidance and tips for when I am traveling. He is my best cheerleader with every pound lost - the best trainer I've ever worked with!"


"I was looking for a trainer near my office and I got lucky to run across Jacob's profile. If you are looking to make new goals, integrate better health habits, or just need to be motivated and start on a program reach out to Jacob; you won't be disappointed. He does much more than an average trainer at the gym will do I'd highly recommend."


"I've been using LMTLSS personal training for a few weeks now and only have good things to say. Jacob is extremely professional and guides me through a highly intense workout that I cannot get myself to do alone. He is educated in proper technique and lets you go at your own pace, all while pushing you to the limit. 10/10 would recommend."


"I've been working with Jacob for the last couple of months and I am extremely impressed by his professionalism and creativity in the way he delivers his workouts. His love for mentoring each of his clients is evident in his daily text messages to remind me to stay on track with my eating and tips for bettering myself. Choose LMTLSS!" 

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